Explosion 1:
  • 1-Congregational Church after 1897
  • 2-Old firehose for website
  • 3-Newington  Green w Town Hall 1900 for web
  • 4-Barrel Staves and Barrel
  • 5-New Center School 1912
  • 6-First town hall
  • 7-Main St w Thrifty Drug 1980s
  • 8-Church St Cemetery
  • 9-Kellogg-Eddy House
  • 10-Kelsey House
  • 11-Grafonola ad 1914
  • 12-Cherish Our Children at West Meadow  for web
  • 13-Newington Theater  Circa 1968 b&w
  • 14-Veterans Hospital about 1940 for web
  • 15-Town Center with Newigton Hardware

Welcome To Historic Newington

Sometime before 1665, the colonists bought a large parcel of land, which now comprises Wethersfield, Glastonbury, Newington, Rocky Hill and a part of Berlin. Therefore, Newington?s first settlers were from Wethersfield and remained a part of Wethersfield until 1871. Lands in the Western part of Wethersfield were used for timber and pasture land but travel between Newington and it?s parent community became a difficult task through the winter months.

In 1677, Wethersfield granted four men the right to build a sawmill on the pond (Mill Pond), making use of the natural waterfall for the purpose of manufacturing pipe (barrel) staves. Here Newington, as a part of Wethersfield, had it?s start.? The wood was very good for making pipe staves and this first industry in Newington lasted about one hundred years until the wood dwindled and caused its demise. In 1708 the settlers petitioned to become a separate parish because of the difficulties in traveling across the mountain from Newington to Wethersfield in the winter months. This request was denied but they were granted the right to worship by themselves from December through March. Again in 1712 they petitioned to be a separate parish and this time it was granted. Newington continued to grow in relative isolation, until the establishment of the Hartford-New Haven Turnpike around 1800.

In the 1880?s the railroad had come through Newington and frequent and inexpensive transportation attracted growth.

Newington applied to the General Assembly of the State of Connecticut for incorporation which was approved in 1871. The

trolley car and automobile brought more growth early in the 20th century and attracted many new families and businesses.??

Up-Coming Events

  • 1-Congregational Church 1900 for web
  • 2-New Firehouse No 1
  • 3-Newington Center 1973
  • 4-Mill Pond Falls Mar 2018
  • 5-Center School 1970 w name
  • 6-Town Hall 1937 - 1971
  • 7-Town Center with Newigton Hardware
  • 8-Church St Cemetery
  • 9-Photo 1 Collections page
  • 10-Photo 2 Collections page
  • 11-Grafonola ad 1914
  • 12-LRW LIBRARY 2008
  • 13-Jct Train Station 1950
  • 14-West Meadow Cemetery Flag for web w name-1
  • 15-Deming Young House 2008 4 by 6
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Newington Historical Society & Trust, Inc.

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Donations: Small kitchen and electronic appliances, clean and in good working condition, glassware, dishes and all other

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At any time you may call the office during office hours to make arrangement for a drop off of your items. If you are not able to

drop off your items, pick up arrangements can be made by calling the office and scheduling a time.


For your convenience, on Saturday May19 and 26th, between 9:00am and 11:00am, someone will be available at the

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Office Hours: Monday and Friday? 8:00am? - 11:00am or Wednesday 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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As past years, items not sold will be donated to the Hartford area homeless shelters.

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