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 In the early 1970’s there were two historic organizations in Newington, the Newington Historical Society, established in 1971 and the Newington Historical Trust, Inc., established in 1974.  These two important groups merged in 1977 creating the Newington Historical Society & Trust, Inc.  


The Board of Directors shall consist of 18 (eighteen) members, 15 (fifteen) elected by the general membership and 3 (three) appointed by the town of Newington. The term of membership on the Board of Directors shall be three years. The Officers shall be elected from the members of the Board of Directors . The term shall be one year.


The two Historical Houses, Kellogg-Eddy and the Enoch Kelsey Houses are owned by the Town of Newington and are under the management of the Newington Historical Society & Trust, Inc.

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Historical Society & Trust Inc.

          Board of Director’s   
 Executive Board

President    	     James Late
Vice President       Pauline Dow
Secretary 	    D avid Goodale 
 Treasurer                Gail Kelly
Asst. Treasurer       Open

Exc. Director  	 Dorothy Abbott

Board of Directors

Margaret Antinerella
Linda Crawford
Pauline Dow
Kathleen Golec
David Goodale
Gail Kelly
Marguerite Kennedy
James Late
Maureen Lynch
David Nagel
Maureen Reale

Esther Eddy        ( Town Appointed )
Jerilyn Nagel       ( Town Appointed )

The staff, officers and Board of Directors of the Newington Historical Society  can be reached for assistance and information by calling the office:

Newington Historical Society & Trust, Inc.



 Our  Statement of Purpose


To promote Newington history by every feasible

means, to as wide an audience as possible.



From the earliest settlement to the present; archeologically, architecturally, artistically, culturally, economically, politically, religiously, and socially , we will try to stimulate an interest and appreciation in Newington history.


  To  collect, preserve, interpret and display architectural

  artifacts and documents that will serve this purpose and  

  encourage preservation of historic structures throughout



 To provide public access to the Society’s collection through

  exhibitions, tours, educational programs, lectures and

 meetings relating to the purpose herein described.

Newington Historical Society Office

679 Willard Avenue

Newington, Connecticut   06111


Telephone:  ( 860 ) 666-7118

Email :      NGTNheritage@aol.com

Website:    www.NewingtonHistoricalSociety.org

Fax:          860-666-7118


Office Hours:     Monday & Friday Mornings:  8:00 am  -  11:00 am

                          Wednesday Afternoons:  2:00 pm  -  4:00 pm


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